Kid & baby clothing​


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Kid & baby clothing

Currently, we are the leading manufacturer of children’s clothing products for numerous online retailers in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Our robust production control system enables us to meticulously manage product quality and costs in accordance with our clients’ specifications. With over three decades of expertise,


We proudly cater to online stores worldwide, ensuring that our products remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. The internet serves as a vital connector, seamlessly linking customers to online stores through their mobile devices.

Kid & baby clothing

Kids Clothing Manufacturers 


Being organic is the latest trend that is growing and is here to stay for a while. Young parents are conscious of what their kids wear and therefore the brands that we work with are catering to their sustainable product needs. In a way helping parents to find the right apparel for their young ones which is purely organic and eco-friendly. We are proud to be associated with brands who work on these ethos.

We specialize in making organic clothes for kids of all age groups. Keeping in view the current environmental hazards and infections we focus on making clothes from organic cotton and bamboo blends.

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